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Remembering Lewis "Black Magic" Lloyd

February 22, 1959 – July 5, 2019

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Lewis Lloyd, who starred at Overbrook High School before moving on to become a Drake University and NBA standout, was known for his sleight of hands trickery on the basketball court.


Many have lauded him as one of the greatest playground players of all time, and his name is mentioned in several books on basketball.

“He was an intelligent player. In my opinion, he was the most electric and exciting player ever from Philadelphia. He could do it all and he always had that smile on his face." – Ricky Tucker

“It was like Ali and Frazier,” said Gene Banks, who went on to stardom at Duke University and the NBA. “He definitely brought out the best in me. You couldn’t play around with Lew."

We here at the Jeff Hill Future All American Basketball Camp will miss Lew, He was a profound member of the coaching staff and a member of the family. The camp will not be the same without you.

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 Lewis Lloyd left behind a family including 5 beautiful kids. If you would like to donate to the family, just click the link below.

Lewis Lloyd Memorial Video

Pictures from the Lewis Lloyd Memorial Service

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